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      Why Wonder Pimple Lotion works.

      The Wonder Pimple Lotion is formulated to fight mild to major acne problems effectively. It forms a protective barrier on your skin to remove excess oil, unclog pores and future breakouts.

      Our unique formula gives all the benefits that your skin needed. Hence, there's no concern on the side-effects of drug, medication and hormonal ingredients because we believe in quality ingredients that helps to balance sebum secretion, which is one of the main culprit of pimple and acne.

      The Wonder Pimple Lotion is perfect for oily, pimple and acne-prone skin.
      Wonder Pimple Lotion Marise Skincare

      Wonder Pimple Lotion

      Wonder. Unique. Effective.

      Formulated with the latest and most advanced acne fighting ingredients

      Fight off pimple and acne effectively

      Unclog pores, oil and impurities

      Soothe sensitivity and heal blemishes

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